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Dr. Rama A Reddy (Founder)

Dr. Rama A Reddy was interested and involved in real estate from an early age. After graduating from a medical college in 1999 he entered the business full time. His ambition was to expand development catering to the rapidly growing city of Bangalore.

His layout plans were approved by the BDA and his projects, which were never located beyond BDA became highly successful. There was no looking back for Dr. Reddy post that. He successfully implemented his ideas, continuously developing properties of various types and scales including gated communities, villas and more.

Pionier Developers, as a result, grew from strength to strength. Dr. Reddy follows a consumer-centric approach to business and has ever believed that they deserve only the best.

Lavanya A (CEO)

Lavanya A, the CEO of Pionier Developers, started her career at Pionier Developers as a Director right from the day the company was set up in 2012.

A versatile professional and a fast learner, she quickly proved her mettle picking up how to run the various departments that make up a real estate firm.

She brought to the job her refined artistic sensibilities and design aesthetics. Every new project Pionier took up bore the imprint of her distinctive aesthetics. Her vision is to merge beauty with function, without compromising on either.

As a person with a thorough understanding of premium lifestyles, she envisioned Pionier Lifestyle+ with the ultimate premium sensibility - go for nothing but the best. Lavanya has always believed in setting high standards rather than just following them.

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