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Why are the approach roads not developed?

After the completion of site development we build road, otherwise heavy vehicle movements spoil the roads

Why is the price on a higher level when compared to other projects in the vicinity?

While others promise, we have the promise delivered at Pionier Lake Districtt. The premium you pay is marginally more as you buy a fully operational and ready to construct project.

Will Pionier Developers take care of the construction?

We can introduce you to our empanelled construction partners, but Pionier Developers will not be responsible for construction directly.

Do you have any model villas? (DYO)

No. Since our concept says DYO – Design your Own Villa, this will be customized as per each individual Villa Owners.

What is the timeline for completion of the project and handover?

All the projects within Pionier Lake Districtt are ready for construction.

Any lake buffer issues in the future?

No, Because the buffer zone is taken care of as per the old plan which is 150meters, new approval is just 75meters.

Any chances of lake overflow? If so, what are the measures taken?

Chances of an overflow is very miniscule as the drainage system is quite robust and elaborate here.

What would be the maintenance charges after 2 years?

Rs. 2/ sqft

Will there be single or multiple associations in the future?


Why are infra charges so high?

We are delivering the high quality of infrastructure and all the amenities are in operational stage.

Why does the size of roads and footpaths vary in the layout?

As per the BDA approval road width are 30feet 40feet and 50 feet.

Would you hand over the clubhouses to the association?

No, Club House will be maintained by Pionier Developers.

What extra amenities will add to the layout?

We would be adding one more health club with a swimming pool known as Vibe Wellness, Jogging track and a couple of tennis courts and Badminton courts.

Are these two clubhouses enough for such a big society?

Yes good enough, we always plan our amenities based on the number of plots and residents accordingly.

Explain the location & the distance from the Sarjapur Road & Hosur Road?

It’s located within the Sarjapur main road- Electronic City – HSR Layout triangle. Sarjapur road - 4 km, Hosa Road – 4km & Hosur main road - 4.5km.

How many from a family are allowed for club house membership?


Is the project outright or a joint venture?


Is it going to be a gated community or open in the future?

As it is BDA approved layout BBMP will later come as maintenance body. It would depend on BBMP. Currently it’s a gated community.

What are the security measures taken inside the layout?

We have three shift Security guards and CCTV in common areas.

What differentiates you from other luxury layouts?

Ready for construction, fully functional layout with well-equipped amenities, well stocked home shop super market & top notch club house. Entire project is wi-fi enabled, Fine Dining Restaurants & Brewery. Already populated with 500+ residents living here.

When will the second club house operational?

By end of September 2022.

Will the school inside the premises create lot of outside public commuting inside our layout?

Over time the school will cater to a majority of students from inside the layout. But for the time being school bus movement would be there

Are there any plans to procure the land surrounding the layout?

Yes, we are planning for expansion.

Why are there some negative reviews on social media?

It’s a part of being a brand. NO brand has only good reviews

Do you assist in resale of the plots?

Yes, we shall help in selling your plot at our prevailing rates with 0.2% brokerage.

What is FAR permissible at Pionier Lake Dsitrictt?

Permissible FAR – 1.75.

Why is BDA charging maintenance on the layout?

It’s one of the component of BDA

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