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Do gated communities increase property value?

Do gated communities increase property value?

Some purchasers may wonder if purchasing a property in a gated community would provide a higher return on investment than purchasing a home in a non-gated development. Although there are certain drawbacks to living in a gated community, there are several advantages, such as increased security and ongoing property maintenance, which may increase a home's value over time.

The security systems to safeguard homeowners and their houses are a real bonus of owning property in a gated community. Additional security elements such as Guards and CCTV might raise the property's value. Nevertheless, whether properties in gated communities are more valuable than those in non-gated communities may eventually be determined by an area's general crime rates.

Gated communities include luxury amenities and efficient protection measures and thus, often charge higher for maintenance than non-gated communities. In certain marketplaces, gated community amenities and advantages might entice potential purchasers, enhancing an owner's return on investment.

Lake Districtt is one of the luxury projects of Pionier Developers. Built near the serenity of Lake Gatkhali, the gated community is equipped with luxurious amenities and well-protected boundaries offering a lifestyle that defines you. Pionier Developers has worked hard to ensure residents get the highest return on their investments through Lake Districtt as lands here are BDA & RERA approved.

As per Anarock Property Consultants, home sales are likely to fall by 25-35 percent in 2020 in comparison to 2019. In fact, housing sales have been slowing down anyway. According to Anarock, home sales in the top seven cities during January to March 2020 stood at 45,200 units, down 42 percent from the same period in 2019.

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